Dating teaching

How to make an appointment with your favorite object

1、 Show yourself at your best

The attraction between single men and women is not directly related to your excellent conditions. Even if the congenital conditions are not good enough, as long as we can grasp the key points and completely adjust our practices and ideas, we may not be able to meet the taste of the lover of our dreams. The most wonderful thing about love is that as long as we look at the right eye, there is no problem of the starting point. If you want to succeed in love, you should give the other party a good impression at the dating stage, let the other party agree with you, like you, and then want to win you. Be sure to show your true and perfect self to the other party. Don’t be artificial or boastful.

2、 Stimulate enthusiasm

Research shows that if a person is in a state of great excitement when meeting others, his chances of getting romantic feelings will be greatly increased. This is because there is a close connection between panic, excitement and admiration.

The panic and excitement of male and female dating can be the roller coaster or haunted house in the amusement park, or the film full of suspense or tension, which makes the dating more memorable, closer the relationship between the two, and easier to stimulate mutual admiration. However, there is a small exception: Although stressful environment will make those who are already very cute more likable, it will also make those who are not cute more annoying.

3、 Create opportunities for each other

Don’t always just sit and wait for a date. Take the initiative to show that you are willing to listen to what’s on your mind. Take the initiative to ask if the other person is free and needs help. This is not only a chance for yourself, but also a chance for the other party. Such a move will not make you feel cheeky, but will feel that you are very warm and considerate. Try to create opportunities for yourself in terms of details, not too abrupt or too casual.

4、 Show your energy

Research shows that vitality is one of the most important traits when people choose a mate. An active first date can help you show your vitality, such as a scenic short hike along the road. Of course, it’s a bit appropriate to sweat on a first date, so choose the right way.

5、 Be alert to 7 forbidden areas for chatting and flirting

Now I’ll tell you some places that are not suitable for chatting up and flirting. Next time, you’d better detour to ensure safety. It’s a taboo place, handsome boy. You’re here to apply for a job, not to pick up girls. Even if the interviewer has a beautiful temperament, it’s not the point. Show yourself, let the company admit you, and then slowly find a chance to get close to the beautiful interviewer.

On your first date, in addition to being sincere, you should also learn the effective love “routine” in advance!

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