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How to keep love long

“Now the love between men and women is always committed too quickly, which leads to the breakup too quickly.”

Human psychology is that the easier it is to get, the easier it is to give up.

If you earn a love or an object through hard work, it will make people treasure it more.

So emotionally, you need to keep some mystery when someone is courting you.

Even if you like him very much, you need to give the suitor time and a challenge.

That way, he will cherish your relationship and be together forever.”

Let’s talk about how to make love last.

How to maintain long-term love

We know an eternal truth from childhood: to do a thing well, we must work hard.

Trying to do well means that it takes a lot of time and energy.

In fact, there is no evidence that intimacy is effortless.

And yet, as Voltaire said; “Common sense is not universally shared”

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all have a lot of questions in our minds.

I generally regard it as illogical, but it fits the stereotype of the surrounding cultural environment.

Many people think that good love comes from “discovery” and that the key to love is to “find” the right person for you.

So whenever they have a problem in their intimate relationship.

Their first instinct is to immediately break up, find someone else, and then find or wait for someone else.

In fact, the same problems you have in this relationship will continue to have in the next one.

If you don’t like the boyfriend who doesn’t brush his teeth before bed, you’re still going to dislike the next boyfriend who doesn’t like cleaning.

Even if you find a boyfriend who maintains good personal hygiene, it is inevitable that he maintains personal hygiene too much and will give himself too much

A lot of psychological stress.

In fact, most people around us have such doubts.

Because chicken soup for the soul tells you that it doesn’t matter if you meet someone you don’t love, just meet the wrong person;

The end of the romantic love movies we often watch.

At dusk, a pair of Bi people tried to get together, hand in hand to move forward, the full end.

Relatively speaking, the end of the movie is the beginning of love.

We don’t know what life will be like for the hero or heroine after sunset.

We only see the sweet part of the movie that shows love.

Most of us believe that the key to love is to “find” the right person for you.

In fact, the key to love is “hard work”.

So, what should we do?

Just like

I’ve seen this quote in an article before:

“People who are very ritualistic in their lives will learn to tie these trivial days into beautiful feather dusters,

It is the greatest change and uncompromising attitude to ordinary life that you can slowly compose your daily necessities into poetry and distance.”

Love requires a sense of ritual, which allows us to remember the good things in love and record the process of our falling in love.

My student, Xiao Wen, and her boyfriend, Da Xiong, are the most ritualistic and emotionally stable of all my lovers.

The Chinese Valentine’s Day, because big bear is going on a business trip, can not accompany Xiaowen together, the result he secretly ordered a bunch of flowers in the flower shop downstairs.

I think although I am not with Xiaowen, but I can give her some surprises to make up for I can not accompany her Qixi sad.

Tanabata day I happened to have dinner in Xiaowen’s house, she teased me.

“Big Bear is too busy to say” Happy Valentine’s Day “to me…”

When she was depressed, the doorbell rang, and the Courier appeared at her door with a bunch of roses in his hand.

“Excuse me, are you Ms. Xiao Wen?”

“Yes, I am. Why?”

“Hello, these are the flowers your boyfriend ordered for you. Let me tell you “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Xiao Wen was very surprised when she received the flowers, and she looked like a happy little girl.

Although her mouth said, “Huh, wasting money on these again,” her face was happy.

So, girls like romance.

Not only that, but their sense of ritual is also reflected in many mundane things.

They agreed that as long as they had nothing to do on the weekend, they would go to the cinema to watch a movie, then go to the nearby market to buy food and then prepare dinner together.

This has become a small agreement between them.

Every weekend, the two of them planned to eat whatever they saw.

In fact, the sense of ritual in life doesn’t need to be grand.

And you don’t always have to be extravagant with your gifts.

Sometimes a little surprise, or a little romance in an ordinary life, can make her happy for a long time.

She’ll know that you remember her and that you value your relationship.

Paying attention to the sense of ritual will let us know the process of love, so that love has a “sense of progress”.

There is a sense of reminding time and cherishing each other now.

It’s like when two people first get together, they propose and then they get married.

The sense of ritual is a small witness of our love.

Every year, we would surprise each other with a small gift that she liked very much.

On our anniversary or Valentine’s Day, we would have a candlelit dinner together or take a trip to a place together.

This will be to add material to our love, to make it more beautiful.

A sense of ritual strengthens our feelings and tells us what to do next.

If love a person is to give him try his best to give her a surprise, rather than thinking about slowly forget each other’s love.

This is the ritual of love. How much you pay for love is the best love for love ritual.

Beauty is the testimony that I love you

In fact, sometimes people are fickle animals, two people together for a long time will become boring.

Perhaps you have forgotten the blush and heartbeat of your confession to her at the beginning, when she bowed her head quietly because of your confession.

You may forget the joy of holding hands for the first time, and perhaps forget the days when you were so in love.

Instead, you have started her with boredom, flatness and triviality, then hating each other, being indifferent to each other and blaming each other.

Sometimes it is necessary to try to look back.

Because only in this way will you remember the warm years you once had and the time when you moved each other.

A lot of people may think, “This is an old couple, and when it comes to the past, I think it’s disgusting… “

But you should know that if you do, you will find that such things are very necessary.

When I was studying in the United States, I met a post-80s couple who had been married for ten years.

Their relationship has always been good, so I learned from them and asked for their advice on marriage management.

I found that in the ten years they were married, they were always looking back, always evoking memories of each other.

When they have nothing to do, they flip through photo albums on their phones together.

Look at photos or videos they took before they hung out or lived together.

They tell me that there are times in the afternoon when two people might have nothing to do.

Looking at these photos, the two men could not keep laughing all afternoon.

I can imagine that. It was really happy.

I know that those beautiful memories will always guide them on the road to happiness.

Therefore, it is suggested that two people in love should really take more photos and videos, record some daily life, and record two people in

Bit by bit together.

You can also use a text journal to record sweet moments.

Remember those memorable days for you, or upload your photos and videos.

When you have nothing to do, you can look through them and feel the sweetness of your time.

In our daily life, we should also talk more about the past.

Your first date, your first impressive trip, and how you make each other feel.

The most important thing is to cherish these memories, and then be willing to recall, be willing to recall the past.

So that we can always keep warm and moved.

If you or she are confused or tired of your simple love right now, try these tips.

I hope you can all feel loved and loved by each other in this ordinary world.

It’s also important to have a “sense of dependence” when two people are together.

How to make her rely on you properly in communication and guidance, so that she loves you more?

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