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Love love when men’s 6 sex skills women are the most intoxicated

With the open concept of modern people, many people are not hiding their sex life, but enjoy talking. As a man naturally want to show his ability in front of a woman, especially in sex, men have always played a leading role, and women only enjoy, but some women are not cooperate, so that men’s confidence is discredited. Master these six sex tips to make women scream for you.

Cook gently over slow heat

The taste of a stir-fry is never better than that of a simmer. Kiss like glass on your lips, lick like dust on an antique, touch like ointment on the back of a scalded hand… In short, directing your mouth, tongue, and hands at the speed of a slow-motion movie will make her skin more sensitive than ever before.

Ever changing

Don’t always do those things after dinner and before bed, and always in bed! This way women will be distracted by the lack of novelty and excitement, of course, can not call bed, and the consequence of not calling bed is that your orgasm is difficult to achieve. Somewhere else, like on the floor, like in the car. Try another time, like a weekend morning or a sunny, warm afternoon.

Play hard to get

Use her temperature to guide your movements, rather than burning her up with your lust. This should be the guide for any technique you use next. Like not touching her seductive breasts without first pushing them out; Only cruise around her waist and belly until she doesn’t grab your hand and put it between her legs.

Well, even if you think you can get her to orgasm without doing so, here’s the difference between a master and you: They can turn a submissive woman into a seductive sex object.

Timely rudeness

Of course, for a real man, if it is just to flirt and flirt can also be called passion sex! As long as the time is right, you can try a very masculine way; It’s okay to hold her hair, press her wrists, press her shoulders, or even pat her lightly, which will also give her great stimulation. However, some of the more intense actions need to have a premise that she fully trusts and absolutely does not hurt her.

If there is not

Not stripping her all at once is not just slow for the sake of slow. Leave the vest she snug in, or not take off her high heels; In fact, even just a necklace and two earrings are enough to make you excited to the extreme. Moreover, these binding clothes and accessories will greatly stimulate her physical and psychological sexy valves. It takes a man to have this power to instantly ignite a woman’s hunger and thirst.

Random strain

Do not assume that the three tricks you have used to make other girls happy will work in her face! Not only are women different from each other, but even the same woman will have different needs depending on the mood and atmosphere. Learning to observe the form and adapt to the situation is the true meaning of the martial arts of the top masters.

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