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There are five things you need to do to have an orgasm

In nature, many animals have a specific estrus mating period, but people and animals are different, there is no special “sex season”, so in order to provoke sexual desire on both sides, you need to give appropriate sexual stimulation, stimulate sexual enthusiasm, and help reach orgasm. In sexology, sexual stimulation refers to the sensory stimulation that can arouse sexual excitement, sexual impulse or sexual pleasure. It is rich in connotation and involves many aspects of life. The most common stimulation is visual, auditory, tactile or olfactory.

How to control the body’s sexual stimulation points

Visual stimulation is the most common, such as the naked body of the partner, sexy underwear, ambiguous photos, videos, and even text. According to statistics, vision accounts for 70% to 80% of the information received by the human body’s senses. In sexual life, visual stimulation is also very important, because people have a lot of brain nerves are connected with the eyes, so through visual stimulation can cause the excitement of the sexual nerve center. This reaction mechanism is the same for both men and women, but compared with women, men respond more obviously to visual stimulation, seeing women’s beautiful appearance, beautiful curves, etc., can help stimulate men’s emotions, so that men get libido faster.

Auditory stimuli include speech, panting, music, etc. The love words between the partners and the wheezing sound in the ear are easy to make the other party emotional, so that people have a high sexual desire. Foreign studies have shown that women are more responsive to hearing than men, so auditory stimulation is more effective for women in stimulating sexual desire. Of course, relaxing music coupled with continuous love words can create a warm and romantic atmosphere for both sides, which will allow two people to relax and enjoy their sexual life and enjoy sexual happiness.

Touch refers to caressing, kissing, etc., between partners. Generally speaking, women behind the ears, neck, breasts, lower abdomen, etc. are more sensitive, so kissing and caressing these places can quickly lift her sexual desire. Men’s nipples and external genitals are more sensitive, and stimulating there can help increase sexual desire. It is worth noting that women’s contact desire is stronger than men’s, so men before and after sex and in life, often give her some hugs, caresses, kisses, help to maintain female sexual vitality, reduce sexual apathy.

Olfactory stimuli include body odor, perfume, and cosmetics. Many animals have secretory glands that emit certain odors to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Although the human olfactory function has diminished in the long process of evolution, the odor emitted by the wife’s body odor, perfume or cosmetics can still induce the husband’s sexual desire, which can not only make people feel very comfortable, but also give people a pleasant suggestion. The unique smell of men’s sweat sometimes fascinates women.

There are five things you need to do to have an orgasm

Go with the rhythm of sex

“The longer the arousal, the more violent the orgasms,” one expert said. When a man makes love to a woman, grasp the rhythm of sex, let himself get close to sexual pleasure when fast, and then slow down the speed of sex, so repeated several times, is conducive to sustained orgasm.

In addition, you can also use breathing guided energy, good at adjusting the rhythm of breathing couples orderly sex, not in a hurry “a leak”, but ready to start, orgasm more intense pleasure. Only if you follow the rhythm of your partner, you will be able to reach an orgasm more easily in sex and know what kind of sex is suitable for you. Only after enjoying the orgasm of sex, you know what kind of sex is more passionate.

Orgasm involves masturbation

Women don’t stigmatize masturbation. It helps you understand your body and have an easier time having an orgasm. According to Danielle Cavallucci, a sex consultant at the information company Sex Resources, in order to have an orgasm, it is best to learn to masturbate. Therefore, women who want to experience sustained orgasm may wish to start with masturbation.

Contact with his body

When you make love to him, be sure to always maintain physical contact with him, even if the exchange of sexual positions must be close together, this small change will make sex become more harmonious, but also let you continue to experience orgasm in sexual life. All kinds of physical contact with him may be some of your skills in sex, do not ignore the use of sexual skills.

Abstinence once before sex

Before you have sex, set a rule that you can only look at each other’s bodies, but you can’t touch each other. The process should only take a few minutes. Then, each other can feel a seductive warmth, because can not touch, and very painful. When a few minutes later, you will be passionate, enjoy the joy of orgasm. During sex, we still have to pay attention to contraception, so in contraception, we can use Durex intimate condom designed for young people, easy to wear design, more comfortable, easier to wear. Add more lubricant to make sex smoother and more pleasant. The packaging was created by Chinese designers and won out of more than 50,000 designs voted by young people around the world.

Get a sexual orgasm

A lot of women often care about: how many orgasms I have, how long they last… When women see sex that way, the pleasure of having sex doesn’t seem as intense. Do not force the time of orgasm, do not care about the number of orgasms, passionate and he make love, will also bring you a different orgasm.

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