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How to be attractive? (Boys version)

You can’t control your genes or your physical traits, but you can control what you do with what you have. Charisma is a combination of several different factors, including appearance, personality and style. This article will teach you how to present your best self.

Method 1 Grooming

The easiest thing to do to make yourself more attractive is to have good hygiene. Looking clean and smelling good can make people want to be close to you. The following steps describe how to do your daily chores.

1.Wear deodorant. Find a flavor and intensity that suits you and spray it immediately after you shower. If you find yourself sweaty or smelly one day, carry deodorant in your backpack or briefcase for reuse.

  • If you forget to bring deodorant when you leave the house, find some cleaner and rub it on your underarms — it kills odor-producing bacteria. You may use it several times a day.

2.Shower daily. Wash your body thoroughly and use scented body wash or soap.

  • If you’re used to showering in the morning, consider installing an anti-fog mirror in the bathroom so you can wash your face and shave while you’re inside.

3.Wear cologne or body spray. How you smell on a daily basis can affect how attractive you are — people will feel more connected to you if your body smells good. On the contrary, a bad taste has the opposite effect and can drive people away. Here are some basic notes:

  • Don’t wear too much. This is important for good body odor — not too strong, because overdoing it is bad. Even the smell of roses can make you nauseous if you apply a large amount of concentrated rose oil. 2 to 3 sprays of cologne and 3 sprays of body spray “Max.” Your nose will get used to the smells and after a few minutes won’t even smell them, but other people will.
  • Find the right scent for you. Every person’s body is slightly different, so not every fragrance is right for everyone. Some smells are good for others, but terrible for others. If you can, try on several perfumes and body sprays before you buy. Spray it on one day and ask friends for a few hours what they think.
  • Try matching your body wash and perfume. It doesn’t have to be the same scent, but it should be similar so the flavors don’t clash.
  • Spray perfume on your pulse. Spray on the surface of most of the blood vessels in your body, and it will warm up a little during the day, which will heat up the perfume slightly, and the scent will be stronger. Common locations include the arms, throat, and back of the neck.

4.Wash your face every morning and evening. Men naturally have more testosterone than women, which increases acne growth and breakouts. Keep your face clean to counteract this.

Find the right product for your skin type. Here are some of the more common ones:

  • Sensitive skin: If your skin is thin and dry, or tends to become red and irritated, use a particularly gentle cleanser. Skip the toner and use some light moisturizer.
  • Combination/T-zone skin: If you have oily forehead, nose, and chin (or T-zone) but dry face, you have combination skin. Many people fall into this category, in which case, find a cleanser for normal or mixed skin. Use a little toner in the T-zone and then apply some moisturizer.
  • Oily skin: If your skin is prone to oil, find a deep cleanser or a dry cleanser. Apply a mild toner to each area of your face, then apply some light moisturizer. If your skin has been oily all day, buy some oil blotting paper from the skin section of the drugstore and stick it on your face in the afternoon.
  • If you have acne, wash your face with salicylic acid while applying some peroxybenzoyl cream to the pimple. If it doesn’t help, see a dermatologist.

5.Shave or trim your facial hair. Whether you choose to grow a beard or not, the point is to groom your facial hair every day.

  • Clean face, shave before you go to work or school. Wet the skin first, then use a razor and shaving cream. Off-grain shaving is cleaner (that is, as the beard grows in the opposite direction, from chin to cheeks), but it is more irritating. If you encounter an ingrown beard, try to shave with the grain.
  • Trim your beard, beard, or goatee. Make sure the edges are clean and tidy, and do some construction so they’re not too long. When you wash your face, pay special attention to the skin behind your beard.

6.Trim your eyebrows (optional). You don’t need to pluck your eyebrows, but looking neat overall can help.

  • Find a good eyebrow clip. The prongs should be exactly the same on both sides – this will make the extraction process less painful and more effective.
  • Use the rest of your face as a pointer. Find a pencil and place it next to your nose so that it crosses your eyebrow. Eyebrows beyond the pencil and within the unibrow should be plucked. Same thing on the other side.
  • Clean the arch of your eyebrows. If your eyebrows still look thick in the middle of your plucking, you can try plucking the arched part of the eyebrow. Remember, only pluck the inside of your eyebrows — not the hairs above them.

7.Clean and trim your nails. Every two or three days, after you get out of the shower, take some time to quickly trim all 20 of your nails and clean the dirt from the inside. After a few minutes of washing, you will feel more comfortable and more manageable. Your fingernails and toenails should be cut short, leaving only very short white nails.

8.Brush & Floss your teeth. Manage your teeth, get rid of bad breath, and keep a pearly smile.

  • Get a new toothbrush. Toothbrush should be changed every three months, or after colds and infections. If the bristles are spreading all over the place, you need a new toothbrush.
  • Floss your teeth every night. Floss not only cleans bacteria and food from your mouth, it also protects against heart disease.
  • Brush your tongue. Your teeth may be white, but if your tongue is dirty, you will still have bad breath. Every time you brush your teeth, brush your tongue back and forth several times. (Don’t push too hard, or you might hurt your taste buds.)
  • Finish with mouthwash. Hold it for about 20 seconds, then spit it out.

Method 2 Hairstyles

1.Hair is trimmed regularly. Even if you want to grow it out, you still need to cut the end regularly. You can go to a professional hair salon or cut it yourself. Either way, consider these steps:

  • If you want short hair, cut it every two to three weeks. Make sure you or your stylist cuts off hair from the neck down.
  • If you want to grow it out, cut it every four to six weeks. Even if you grow it out, manage your hair from the neck down.

2.Wash your hair often. Boys can wash their hair every day, but you can skip it if it’s really dry. Find a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type. (If you don’t know if it’s dry or split ends), find a sulfate free shampoo that doesn’t have sodium lauryl ether sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate.

3.Use hair products (optional). You don’t need products to style your hair, but most people do. This makes your hair shinier and healthier, as well as providing more support and control. Here are some popular styling products for men:

  • Essence or cream. These will help smooth out flying or curly hair without making it stiff and elastic.
  • Mousse. Use minimal mousse to add volume and shine to your hair. For better results, wet your hair and let it air dry.
  • Hair cream, wax, or sculpting paste. Use these products to create duplicative hairstyles, such as puffs or curls (for naturally straight hair). Be aware that washing off these products may take several steps, so use them appropriately. If the hair is short, medium, or thin, a pea-shaped amount is sufficient. Use hair cream or wax for a shiny, smooth look; Shaper paste for dull, natural hair.
  • Hair spray. Unlike hair creams, hair gels contain alcohol, which dries out hair and makes it stiff. For better results, wet your hair first.
  • Gel. Wondering why some people can straighten their hair? They probably used some kind of hair gel, which gives their hair the strongest support. Watch out for product buildup and wash your hair thoroughly.

4.Wear your hair in a way that suits you. It may take practice to know what hairstyle suits your face and your style, but eventually you will be able to find a hairstyle that suits your everyday life. Consider the following options:

  • Distribute. You can choose between middle, side, or completely split. Try a different approach and see what you look like.
  • Brush your hair in the same direction, without parting it, you can try to comb it to the top of your head. If it’s really short, try combing it forward; If it’s long, you can comb it back or lift it up. Again, try a few.
  • If your hair is long, you can try pulling it back in a ponytail, brushing it in front of your face, or tying it back.

5.Deal with baldness (optional). If you’re bald, cut your hair short at the end so the sides don’t stand out. Make sure to wash your hair immediately after exercise, as not doing so can speed up balding and you’ll see a lot of scalp every time you shower.

Method 3 Dressing

That said, clothes make the man! You don’t have to wear expensive clothes to add glamour, but your clothes can say something about you. Consider building your wardrobe with these steps.

1.Wear clothes that fit. If the size is too big or too small, even the most expensive clothes in the world will be awkward to wear. Clothes should fit as well as possible, which means your pants should end above your knees, long-sleeved shirts should end above your wrists, and shirts should also cover your hips.

  • Don’t hide your figure. Whether you think you’re too strong or too thin, hiding with big clothes can make you look worse. You don’t have to wear clothes that fit perfectly, but they shouldn’t be too loose or empty.
  • If you can’t find the right size, find an inexpensive tailor. Maybe you have thin hips and long legs, and you can’t find jeans like this. Buy clothes a little bigger and get someone to make them your size. Many dry cleaners offer cost-effective clothing modification services.
  • Throw away or donate clothes that don’t fit. You may have a T-shirt from high school, but if it doesn’t fit anymore, you shouldn’t wear it.

2.Know how to accentuate your figure. Here are a few basic points: bright colors stand out, dark colors fade. For example, if you like your shoulders but don’t like your legs as much, try wearing dark jeans and a brighter T-shirt.

3.Know what colors look good on you. The right color makes your skin look good, the wrong color makes it look haggard and colorless. Here are a few basic experiments:

  • Think about whether you look good in white or not all white. Try holding up all-white and partially white clothing in front of your face. If you’re like most people, you’ll figure it out. Once you know that, stick with the idea.
  • Think about whether you look good in black or brown. This pair is not as distinct as white, but some people do look better in black or brown. Once you’ve decided on a color, don’t mix the two – for example, don’t wear brown shoes and a brown belt with black dress pants. Wear black shoes, black pants and a black belt, or all brown.
  • Try to understand if you wear warm or cool colors better. Cool colors are usually based on blues, purples, turquoise and deep reds, while warm colors are based on yellows, oranges, browns and yellow-reds. An easy way to do this is to find something blue and red and something yellow and red and hold it in front of your face. Which color suits your skin better? (If you need more help deciding, look online for color wheels that display these.)

4.Store timeless clothes in your closet. These clothes should not go out of fashion quickly, but should be made from materials that will last for several years. Buy things like fixed color jerseys, fixed or plaid buttons, dark jeans, all white and black T-shirts (no slogans or graphic designs), fixed color tops, dark pants, dark and fitted jackets, lace-up shoes, and white sneakers. You can always pair these clothes with ready-made outfits.

5.Wash clothes regularly. Some clothes can be worn several times without getting dirty (like jeans or jackets), but some shirts, underwear and socks can only be worn once and need to be washed. Time your laundry so you don’t have to hunt for clean clothes in the morning.

Method 4 Have a charismatic presence

1.Connect with good posture. It may be irrelevant, but standing up straight can make you feel more confident, and some people do find it more attractive. Keeping your shoulders relaxed and your spine straight, try to support the center of your hips with your legs. Walk with confidence and don’t shuffle or walk too slowly.

2.Smile. Giving someone a genuine smile will make it easier for you to catch their attention. Practice how to smile often and set a frame in your mind so that you can smile easily.

  • Develop a warm sense of humor. Find the fun and ridiculous side of life, and don’t be afraid to share your opinions with others. Try not to make your jokes about other people’s bodies, sexual behavior, or where you hurt them.

3.Make eye contact. When you’re talking to someone (especially someone you like), show your interest and make eye contact.

  • Flirt with your eyes. Look at the person sitting next to you or across the room a few times to know she’s paying attention. Hold eye contact for a few seconds, then look away.

4.Be a gentleman. You don’t have to be pretentious to show your care and consideration for others. Say “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me,” and hold the door open for the person walking behind you to demonstrate your good manners.

  • Respect others. Don’t denigrate other people’s beliefs and don’t be rude to others. If someone tries to confront you, calmly walk away — it shows that you don’t want to be like everyone else.
  • Don’t say it in public. Relax in front of same sex friends or family, but don’t use this way of talking to people you don’t know very well.

5.Know how to carry on a conversation. Being a good talker puts people around you at ease. Know how to casually ask people what they’re doing and steer the conversation. Use open answer questions (e.g., don’t say, “Do you have plans for the weekend?” You can answer this question with a yes or no. Instead, you should say, “What are you doing this weekend?” ). Try not to talk about controversial topics, such as politics and religion.

  • To improve your conversation skills, the next time you’re waiting in a public place, like at the bus stop or in line at the grocery store, try talking to a stranger. If you can smile genuinely and say a few words to someone, you’ve done well.

6.Speak clearly and carefully. When speaking to someone, try not to mumble or speak too quickly. Forming complete sentences and not opening your mouth until you’ve figured out what you really want to say can save you a lot of embarrassment.

Method 5 Take Care of Your Body

1.Eat well. Eating a healthy diet will protect you from bad breath and body odor while also keeping you healthy and in shape. Try to do the following in terms of diet:

  • Avoid junk food and foods high in sugar. These foods feel good for a while, but they can’t be eaten every day. Limit soda, beer, sugar, chips, and other junk foods to just one “cheat” day a week.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables. You’ve heard it a hundred times, but eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables is really the key to a healthy diet. Consider trying fresh snacks (like apples, oranges, and pears) and eating at least one vegetable for lunch and dinner.
  • Learn to prepare food. Start simple – boil eggs, make sandwiches and saras, make burgers and grilled meats, hot freeze ingredients, cook rice and pasta. You’ll save money, improve your health, and make a good impression!

2.Exercise. Regular physical exercise can make your body look more attractive, improve your mood, and reduce physical problems. Set yourself an exercise routine and stick to it. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Do base stretches, sit-ups, push-ups and other exercises every two days. The amount should be repeated and consistent. Then, increase the amount of exercise as you build muscle and you’ll see the results.
  • Try different weightlifting programs. Do as much as you can, but don’t overdo it, with muscle recovery and generation taking time. Exercising every day may be bad for you! But don’t be afraid to get too strong. Magazine bodybuilders look so strong because exercise is what they do for a living. It won’t happen to you.
    • The main weightlifting methods are bench press, squat, press, lift and bend. If you need more chest muscle, consider doing the oblique press. For a more explosive workout, consider high flips and clean and jerk. If that’s not enough, consider doing the snatch, clean and jerk, high pull, or other dumbbell weights. If you’re a member, great, prioritize barbells and supplement them with machines like lats.

  • Walk, jog, bike, run for 30 minutes or a kilometer or two (If you bike, run, jog, or walk to work or school, you’re already doing good exercise; It’s good for your stomach, legs, and back.
  • Consider morning exercise. This will glow your skin and make you look good all day long. Just be sure to shower after exercise. Sometimes when you exercise, you sweat all day. Such sweat smells bad. Taking a shower after sweating can ward off body odor.

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