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What details should men and women pay attention to when dating? To have the perfect date.

Dating between men and women is a process of interaction and promoting feelings, but some small details of dating need to be paid attention to. Here is a look at what details should be paid attention to in dating between men and women to make your dating more perfect.

1. Be considerate

When walking with the girl, to help the girl carry things, but also let her go inside, to give her an umbrella when the weather is fine, to give her an umbrella when it rains. When ordering food, be considerate to ask girls what they like to eat, whether they do not eat and so on.

2. Have your own mind

What is said here is that when the girl lets you make up your mind, you must make a quick decision, and don’t hesitate to make a decision. Of course, before you make a decision, be sure to ask the girl’s opinion, in order to show your gentleman demeanor.

3. Don’t ask about feelings

In fact, there are no feelings can be felt at the scene, some girls are slow and need more contact to understand, and even if there is no feeling, it is impossible to say it in front of you will be very hurtful. Not only will you make the other person feel embarrassed and embarrassed to ask, but they’ll also think you don’t have confidence.

4. Don’t be stingy

First date men should not be too cheap, should take the initiative to pay for all the costs. If you say the so-called AA, then it will seem too fussy, the girl is not careful enough to each other in your heart does not feel. And if a girl insists on paying, she’s not into you.

5. Be polite

When dating a girl, be polite not only to the girl, but to everyone you come into contact with. If you are only polite to her, not only will she not like you, she will even hate you and think you are a hypocrite.

6. Behave appropriately

In the first date, or appropriate attention to behavior and dress, do not be too casual, do not expose all your shortcomings, most girls are like clean and sunny boys, so ready to date boys cut their nails, shave their beard, wash their hair and tidy up their appearance, to leave a good impression on girls.

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