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How come date chat doesn’t fall apart and make your date perfect

Many people are the first date, do not know what should be talked about when the date is better, resulting in the date often cold, then how not cold chat, next let’s take a look at how the date chat is not cold.

  1. Talk about your future

Tell me what you think about the future, what you think about the future, what your goals are. Girls are usually attracted to guys who make an effort. When you say it, talk about your feelings as much as possible, don’t say it is difficult to achieve, after all, it is what you promised to achieve! Otherwise, girls will think you’re a liar.

  1. Talk about hobbies, friends, and family

Can you ask her what she likes to do in her spare time? If you have a common interest, that’s great. Talk about that interest. If not, you learned about her hobbies. If you are not familiar with the relationship when you date, you can talk about yourself first, such as your friends, family, provided that the other person is willing to share with you about friends and family. Any inquiry should make the other party feel relaxed, not like a trial, make the other party feel tense.

  1. Let her talk about her plans

Some girls actually have ideas, but guys usually just focus on their looks. So you can also tentatively ask her to see her future planning, what is the most important in life? This kind of topic is usually rarely talked about, so if you do talk, it will let her know you in a different way, and thus impressed. Of course, don’t make the atmosphere too dull when talking about this kind of topic, and always look at the other side’s face. If the other person frowns, you should help change the subject.

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